Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS)

Over 800 UK construction companies use the BSG Hub to carry out multiple Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and COSHH Assessments (RAMS). The software has been specifically developed for the building sector with over 120 different types of Risk and COSHH assessment templates available to use. Each template has been created by highly qualified BSG employees who have recognised ‘Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner’ status.

The BSG Hub is used to create, edit, duplicate and download RAMS documents, which can be sent to your colleagues, business partners, and clients, helping you to demonstrate your health and safety competence as well as meet your legal obligations.

All of our RAMS templates can be customised to match your business and trade. Templates are also pre-populated with recommended control measures for each hazard, which can be edited to suit the work being assessed. Users can securely login to the BSG Hub at any time to safely manage their Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments all in one place.

Health and Safety Knowledge Suite

There are over 200 Health & Safety documents available on the BSG Hub including Model Health & Safety Policy, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, Method Statement Forms and Permits to Work, Model Fire Risk Assessment and Environmental Management System templates.

In addition, there are several short information videos, toolbox talks, and podcasts to choose from which cover a wide range of topics such as CDM 2015, Occupational Health, Directors’ responsibilities, Asbestos, Fire Safety and Mental Health.

HSE Blitz notices are regularly posted on the hub to give advance notice and advice about how to prepare for a potential site visit, should an inspector call. BSG members can also download BSG’s BSG logo and certificate to help support new business tenders and provide evidence of membership to regulatory bodies (many of our members are asked to provide proof that they are part of a reputable safety group when submitting business proposals). All content in the Health and Safety Knowledge Suite has been written by our highly qualified construction safety experts, providing you with a consistent and trusted information source.

Site Inspection Reports

BSG’s safety advisers conduct over 20,000 site inspections every year, helping our members to reduce the risk of accidents, take the necessary steps to minimise danger as well as lessen the costs associated with employee absence. All BSG site visits generate an electronic Site Inspection Report which is transmitted to site managers and other authorised BSG Hub users, usually within the hour.

The report, which is accessed via the BSG Hub, provides a quantified snapshot of the inspected site’s health and safety performance as well as a Site Action Plan, which identifies and prioritises any non-compliances for the Site Manager to address. All advice provided by local advisers is also recorded for future reference.

By consolidating the information collected through site inspections, BSG can also help construction companies to identify non-compliance and accident trends within their organisation.

The BSG Hub can be used to run reports across any selected time period and analyse over 50 different types of non-compliance and RIDDOR classified accident occurrences. Companies can additionally use BSG reports to compare construction sites, so that poorly performing sites can be pinpointed for improvement. Sites which are performing well can also be singled out, so that best practice can be more easily replicated.

Creating Risk Assessments in the app