BSG Safety Alert: HAVS

19th January 2022

A man has received a £100,000 payout after a glazing firm he worked for was fined for breaching health and safety laws.

The man developed Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) after years of using powerful glass cutting tools. He is one of twenty people diagnosed with the condition to take legal action against the firm.

The company failed to ensure the safety of staff who used a Fein cutter – a handheld tool that vibrates – and ruled a £200,000 fine.

Alex Shorey, the specialist industrial injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing a number of those affected, said: “HAVS has a severe effect on a person’s daily life and future employment prospects.

“Sufferers go on to develop a loss of feeling, pain and a lack of fine motor skills in their hands which results in them struggling to work, particularly within the same industry.

“In addition, the condition often deteriorates over time and there is currently no cure.” For further details about this case, please visit: Metro