BSG’s Managing Director comments on CDM Regulations 2015 in Construction Manager

7th May 2014

Now half way through the 10 week consultation on CDM 2015 and there seems to be two schools of thought on the implications emerging.

One broadly shares the views and aspirations of the HSE, whilst the other is concerned that the HSE’s proposals create new and confusing responsibilities along the supply chain which could have consequences. Paul Kimpton, Managing Director of The Building Safety Group worries that by removing the client’s duty to ensure health and safety “competence” as enshrined in the ACoP and putting it in the hands of the contractors may in fact only reinforce the industry’s reliance on bureaucratic “competence-based” accreditation schemes. He states “How does the client make the right choice of contractor? Nowhere in the regulations is there a steer. Its so vague, its almost going to reinforce the bureaucracy that’s already in place”. The consultation finishes on the 6th June.

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