Building Safety Group comments on new CDM Regs 2015 in ‘Construction Manager’

21st August 2014

The HSE is planning a partial reversal of its plan to abandon the Approved Code of Practice when it implements the CDM Regulations 2015, and now intends to publish a slimline version to accompany new regs. The HSE had planned to remove the ACOP, which gives practical advice on implementing CDM 2007, In favour of industry-written guidance. This plan was included in the consultation document published 1 April 2014. But an HSE board paper dated 13 August describing the outcomes of that consultation, makes it clear that the HSE is now proposing to produce a short “signposting” version of the ACOP.

Chris Chapman, Head of CDM at The Building Safety Group commented that the new plan would be welcomed by the industry. “People like the ACOPs, they don’t read like the regulations, they drop the “legalese” and speak in plain English, so when the HSE was talking about a “raft of targeted guidance” it seemed like a backward step”.

Although the paper is essentially a proposal to the HSE board and could be rejected, Chapman noted that the clock was ticking towards CDM 2015, so less time for further deliberation on the ACOP from the HSE.
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