HSE launches occupational disease website

The Health and Safety Executive ( HSE) has launched a new website on occupational disease. The site, Tackling occupational disease, states that work-related health issues are harder to tackle than safety issues as cause and effect are often not clearly linked.

HSE says that it wants to build on work that public, private and third sector organisations are doing by encouraging the promotion and exchange of ideas and the generation of novel initiatives through the website and an occupational disease community site, focussing on two key priority areas: respiratory diseases (including asthma, COPD and silicosis); and occupational cancer (from all routes of exposure). Users can sign up to join the occupational disease community site, which offers access to information on the methods and materials that have been developed by a range of organisations to raise awareness. Visit the website at www.hse.gov.uk/aboutus/occupational-disease.

App to give scaffolders compliant designs on the go

Scaffolding contractor trade body NASC has launched an app version of its TG20:13 eGuide to give users fast and easy access to compliant design details.

It has been estimated that using the guidance, which sets out practical everyday designs to comply with the latest industry standards, could slash industry design costs in half.  Owners of the full suite of  TG20:13 publications will now have the option to install the eGuide onto a PC or  a laptop, or their android device.

The app has taken several  months to develop and can also be used offline after it is downloaded making it  ideal for remote site work away from 4G, 3G or Wifi  services.  Any TG20:13 reports generated by the Google Android app can be quickly and easily shared to the cloud via popular applications such as Dropbox, ensuring colleagues and customers are kept fully up to date.