CDM 2015 – six month grace period revealed. BSG comment in Construction Manager

9th December 2014

The HSE has clarified the “transitional arrangements” for implementing CDM 2015 next year, telling participants at an opening meeting of the Construction Industry Advisory Committee on 19 November that there would be a six-month “grace period” between April and October 2015.

This would mean that any project underway on the implementation date of 6 April would have six months to achieve compliance with the new regulations, including the critical appointment of a Principal Designer.

Chris Chapman, head of CDM at safety consultancy the Building Safety Group, advised Construction Manager that the new rule would prevent unnecessary re-work in projects that only had a few months to run, but that clients for all other projects would have to get to grips with the substantially-changed regulations.

Under the new regime, there will no longer be an official role of CDM Coordinator. Instead, their duties will fall to the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor.

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