Changes to CSCS cards

30th June 2014

From the 1st July 2014 the green Construction Site Operative (CSO) card will no longer be issued. There will be a new green CSCS card only available for people working in labouring occupations. If you apply for cards on behalf of your employees and they do not work in a labouring occupation use the CSCS cardfinder ( to find out which is the right card for them.
If they are working in a labouring occupation you can apply for the new green Labourer card.

You will need to provide evidence they have achieved one of the following:
QCF/SCQF Level 1 Award Health and Safety in a Construction Environment or One day Site Safety Plus Health and Safety Awareness course Construction  Site Operative.

If you are renewing or applying for a new green card up to June 30th 2014 the following applies:
This card is available to workers who carry out basic site skills only e.g. Labourers. It is available if you have either your employer’s recommendation (industry accreditation). Your employer must use the industry accreditation competencies, when recommending you or NVQ or SVQ level 1.

This card is valid for five years. All applicants must pass the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test. If you have not achieved either of the qualifications listed for the Labourer Card (It will only be available to expired CSO green card holders until the end of Jan 2015). This card (provisional red card) is valid for six months and cannot be renewed. Before the card expires the cardholder must achieve one of the qualifications listed for the Labourer Card.
In short those CSO cards that have expired will need to be replaced with an appropriate trade card. They can apply for the provisional red card (until end of Jan 2015) to either obtain a trade or if labourers obtain either of the required qualifications.