BSG Reporting

Monitoring and reviewing health and safety performance is essential for construction companies who are concerned about the well-being of their workforce and who would like to remain compliant with UK regulations and legislation. The Building Safety Group’s (BSG) non-compliance and accident reporting suite has been specifically developed to help businesses achieve these goals and as a means to demonstrate effective health and safety management in the workplace.

BSG Reporting Suite

By consolidating the information collected through site inspections, BSG can help construction companies to identify non-compliance and accident trends within their organisation. Reports can be run across any selected time period and can be used to analyse over 50 different types of non-compliance and RIDDOR classified accident occurrences.

Organisations can also use BSG reports to compare construction sites, so that poorly performing sites can be singled out and improved.

BSG’s reporting suite is accessed via an online portal which is available 24-7-365. Report information is constantly kept up to date, usually within the hour as new non-compliances and accidents are recorded.

BSG Reporting- Usage

BSG’s reports are used by over 600 companies located throughout the UK to;

  • Identify non-compliance and accident trends
  • Monitor and review site performance
  • Single out poorly performing construction sites for improvement
  • View company accidents as classified by RIDDOR
  • Set Health and Safety KPIs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with RIDDOR reporting
  • Quickly identify risks that need to be removed or reduced
  • Implement and manage Corrective and Preventative Action tracking (CAPA)
  • Notify and escalate incidents to the appropriate management level based on risk severity


Types of Report Available

15 customised non-compliance and accident reports are available to users, which include:

Accident by Category
Accident by Cause
Accident by Injured Person
Accident by month / days of the week
Non-compliance by Category
Non-compliance Safety Performance
Non-compliance Safety Performance by Site
Non-compliances over time

BSG’s reporting suite is available free of charge to all BSG ‘Plus’ members.