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Reduce time completing Risk Assessments & Method Statements

BSG RAMS is a software module created by the Building Safety Group (BSG) and used by over 800 UK construction companies to carry out multiple Risk Assessments, Method Statements, and COSHH Assessments (RAMS). The software has been specifically developed for the building sector with over 120 different types of Risk and COSHH assessment templates available to use. Each template has been created by highly qualified BSG employees who have recognised ‘Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner’ status.

Use BSG RAMS to create, edit, duplicate and download RAMS documents, which can be sent to your colleagues, business partners and clients, helping you to demonstrate your health and safety competence as well as meet your legal obligations. All of our RAMS templates can be customised to match your business and trade. Templates are also pre-populated with recommended control measures for each hazard, which can be edited accordingly to suit the work being assessed. Your users can securely log in to BSG RAMS at any time to safely manage their Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments all in one place.

By registering for BSG RAMS, you’ll be given unlimited access to all risk assessments and COSHH assessment templates, as well as the use of our Method Statements module. Up to 50 users at your company will be allowed to sign up for BSG RAMS. Companies will also be given access to a RAMS support line for technical assistance.

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Annual cost: £450 for up to 25 users

BSG RAMS is an entry level membership package that will provide registered subscribers with access to BSG’s Risk Assessment, Method Statement and COSSH Assessment software modules. BSG RAMS members have the option to upgrade to BSG’s Standard or Membership Plus packages, in which case additional charges will be levied on a pro rata basis by taking into account fees that have already been paid.