Storm Eunice: Rare Red weather warning issued for parts of the UK

17th February 2022

BSG recommends that should your site or operations be in an area which will be impacted by the forecasted storm, you will need to assess the impact.
All Scaffolding and Temporary Works 
Any scaffold or temporary structure, such as site hoarding or false works should also be inspected by a competent person each time it is exposed to conditions likely to cause deterioration, for example, following adverse weather conditions. 
Therefore, BSG recommends inspections should be carried before the arrival of any high winds and again before putting back into use.
Roof Works
Is there a wind speed above which roofing work should stop? Do not consider going on any roof in poor weather conditions such as rain, ice, frost or strong winds (particularly gusting) or if slippery conditions exist on the roof.  Winds in excess of 23mph (Force 5) will affect a person’s balance.
All Working at Height
Any working at height planned during these adverse weather conditions should be reassessed and the additional hazard from very high winds should be considered.
Lifting Operations
BSG recommends that all lifting operations are suspended during these high winds.
*If your company has any questions about this warning, please don’t hesitate to contact us at BSG:, Tel 0300 304 9070